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Read Latest Letter From Anatoly, our Interpeter

received March 2000

Dear  Daniel!
    Greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus.  I received your letter which you sent on Feb 11.  We got the brown envelope with 4 Christmas cards.  The Christmas gifts $20 for me and $20 for Nickoli reached us.  We thank you and your Sunday School class for this.  We also thank you for your prayers and support.
    It was nice of your mother to send us musical cards.  It was so unexpected when I opened the card and music started to play.  I showed it to my parents and friends.  When I gave Nickoli the gift and the cards, he was talking to me.  Then he opened the card of your mothers.  Music started to play.  He was very surprised.  It was like that he even jumped a little bit.
    I also want to say that for me it was more than just a gift and cards.  When I was listening to this music it was like that a part of your Christmas came into our house and it brought us a special joy.
    Unfortunately we did not get birthday cards and your long letter which I was waiting for.  But I received National Geographic for November with a gift of $10 and today I got the National Geographic for December with Biblical Illustrator.  I like this magazines very much.  There is a lot of useful information there.  I showed them to my friends.
    Not long time ago people from Missouri came to our region.  They prepared literature for Sunday Schools.  When they were leaving for America, Nickoli gave them some things for you.  I hope you already got them.
    I'm very glad that Sister Jan is coming to Belarus.  It is a good news for us.  I hope that this time everything will be okay.  We also hope that she will be able to visit Peski II.  Many people visit such big cities as Minsk and almost nobody visit such villages as Peski II.  We very glad that your church and Bible Sunday School have this special Christian love.  "God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him" 1 John 4:16.  We hope that God will work through her as he worked through you and was with you and us when you visited Belarus.     We want to send her our greetings and to say that we pray for her and her visit.
    You write you heard a story concerning Belarus where police allowed to pass Bibles and asked for Bibles.  here we have a lot of bureaucrats.  I need to make few papers.  It is possible to do it for few minutes.  I went there 4 days and had to wait in lines.  Tomorrow I will go the 5th time.  Sometimes it is hard to love them, but God is working.   He gives us strength and every sinner can be forgiven and changed.
    This winter here is pretty warm.  In February we almost did not have snow.
    We glad to hear that Chemo treatments is helping your mother.  Please greet her.  I also want to greet Judy and your Sunday School.  My parents and Nickoli send you their regards too.  I read your eltter to Nickoli.  He will write an answer later.

With Love Anatoly

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