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Read Latest Email From My Belarus Interpreter, Anatoli

 Email Received October, 1998

  Dear Daniel
.Dear Brother Daniel,
        I received your e-mail. I was overjoyed when I have known that
you've got my letter with other letters. We all wanted you to have them. I
also want you to know that I've got National Geographics very nice
magazines for June, July and August. I really enjoyed reading them. Best of
all I liked the articles about Russian iron ROAD and about Mars. It was
very funny when they used in a Russian word BABUSHKAS and all Americans
understood what it is without translation.
        I also liked very much to watch the stereo photographs of Mars with
glasses. All these things are amazing. I thank you for the magazines and
I'm very glad that I'm going to have them in the next year.
        Most of all we want to thank you for your prayers. We simply feel
them here and they help us a lot.
        It is a very big joy to realize that we are all one in Jesus.
        I'm sending you my greetings, the greeting of my parents, and
Nickoly's. I also want to send you not only e-mail but a little bit of my
Christian love, Anatoly

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