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Jan Beeman, our First Place Leader
I was introduced to First Place through my sister, who lost 35 pounds over several months and would call and sound so excited about her success.  I started asking questions.  The answers I received began to get me excited, too!  Then the big question, "would anyone join me in this venture?" and the even bigger question, "Where would I fit this into my already crowed schedule?"
    Sometimes we think God doesn't want to be bothered by our little problems, i,e., losing weight.  but He does!  Through the daily bible studies, scripture reading, and prayer that are three of the nine commitments in First Place, God has gently shown me how to be disciplined, how to put the important things first, and how to have compassion for people.  I love the First Place health program!  It's not easy, but the results are heavenly!

Allan Lane, Our Pastor
Six months before turning the big "4-0," I took a good, hard look at myself.  Realizing how out of shape I was, I realized that, in order to be successful the next half of my life, I must get into a more healthy lifestyle.  By God's plan, several other believers in my church were interested in forming a First Place group.  I knew that the accountability of others would help me focus and discipline myself in giving Christ first place in this important area of my life.  Out of this effort God has led me to sacrifice over 40 pounds, an offering I am more than glad to get rid of! (You know, God loves a cheerful giver.)  To God Be The Glory!

Dan Anderson (Brother Daniel)
    I had no desire to be in the 1st Place Program, in fact, I had to be talked into it. Looking back some 8 months later and 67 lb. lighter, I can honestly say it was one of the few wise decisions I have made in my life. It was not a wise decision just because of the lost weight, but also for the spiritual growth I've experienced.  In the program, we have learned to give God 1st place in all we do.
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Judy Anderson (Brother Daniel's Wife)
    To those of you who know me, it is obvious that first place has had a profound effect on my life.  I have lost nearly 60 lb. since January.  It's not just a diet.  I have been on hundreds of those, plus pills and 3 gastric staplings.  Why has First Place worked for me?
    Because of the Bible studies that exhort, strengthen and comfort me.
    Because of the prayers and encouragement of my group.
    Because of the weekly meetings that keep me focused and remind me to give God first place in my life.  He will help us, He truly will!
 See Judy's Before and After Pictures

Pat Combs
    Puting God First, is something we all should do and it's what I've been doing since January 2nd.  It is showing in my live-it and my clothes.
Praise the Lord!

  OCTOBER 1998
Marjorie Yarbrough
    The First Place program has helped me to continue my spiritual growth through Bible study, Scripture reading and Prayer.
    It has helped me to put Christ 1st in all areas of my life.  The weekly meeting has really helped to keep me focused.  The fellowship has been great and the encouragement that is give to each other (whether a bad or good week) really helps to strengthen.  I have lost 22 pounds and praise God for the victory He has given.

  OCTOBER 1998
Sharon Waters
        I started with First Place because I knew it would give me the discipline needed to lose weight.  What I didn't know was the benefits I would receive spiritually with reading the Bible through in a year and the daily Bible studies.  I also hadn't realized that I would have a great support team of Christians who have prayed and supported me during the good and the bad weeks.  Because of being in 1st Place, I am walking closer with God.  Thank you, Jesus.  (By the way, I am 20 pounds lighter too!)

November 1998
Flora McKahan
    Three years ago, I had lost a lot of weight through Weight Watchers.  Gradually, that weight came back.  I knew I had to do something and First Place came along exactly at the right time for me.  Only, First Place was much better because it was Christ centered.  Reading the Bible, doing the Bible study, meeting with people who care, learning to lean  on the Lord gives me the focus and encouragement I need to keep working toward my goal.

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