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Been There, Done That

A recent catch phrase, "Been there, done that," has made many people feel uncomfortable. It gives the impression that in order to succeed, you have to have many varieties of experiences. Those that say it, more or less give a yawn, conveying the idea that they are looking forward to the next round of excitement and stimuli. They may want to climb Mt. Everest or sail a helium-filled balloon around the world.

This phrase, "Been there, done that," perhaps alludes to another phrase: "The man with the most toys wins."

Yet, I would dare to ask you if you would try one other experience. Taking Jesus Christ as your savior will be the most rewarding, captivating and inspiring decision that you have ever come across. I have never met someone who, after giving his life to Christ, regretted it. This salvation in Christ is free for the cost is paid by the Savior dying on the cross for our sins and then rising again to conquer death. That will give you a hope that the end of life is not death but life eternal. After you have "Been there and done that," you will never have to yawn since God gives you a purpose to a rich and rewarding life. Does that sound like something you wish to investigate?
Contributed by George Prins

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